Integral Automation (Pvt) Ltd                    (25 Years)


About US

Integral Automation (Pvt.) Ltd is an 25 year old company head quartered in Bangalore, India involved in design, manufacture and supply of equipments with control automation to various industries. The company has developed good experience and expertise in delivering machines committed with affordable cost, quality and time. The company maintains an experienced team which will deliver the final product right from concept to commissioning. An effective service team will always available to attend the service calls immediately.

Integral Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. focus has been the execution of projects right from ideation to testing and proving stage as per the customer requirements and specifications. Integral Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. has necessary infrastructure, machinery established over the period of years to meet the desired focus.

                         O  U  R      F  O  C  U  S   &     S  T  R  E  N  G  T  H                      Manufacturer of  
  •   Special purpose machines.
  •   SCADA Based test rings. 
  •    Process Equipment. 
  •   Control Automation.  

                                  To Various Industries




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Copyright @2008,EsskayInfo

                                        W  E     P  R  O  V  I  D  E                               
  •  System engineering & Technical Services 
  •  System integration & programming.
  •  Panel assembly and fabrication. 
  •  Commisioning  and training.
  •  Custom based ultimate solution for       specific requirement.  





                                           F  A  C  I  L  I  T  I  E  S                     
  •  Area                      12000Sq feet . 
  •  Power                  100HP . 
  •  Backup Power    40HP.   
  •  Design                 3D Models & 2D drafting .
  •  Machine Shop    Well equipped with adequate  handling inspection and testing facility.


                                         W  H  Y    U  S ?                                                                      
  •  Maintaining an experience and dedicated team     catering for custom built machines.
  •  Being small and reliable organisation, we maintain a characteristic responsiveness to each customers requirement.
  •  Cost effective solutions with no compromises in time and quality.